Vintage Norfolk

Ocean View Chesapeake Bay Frozen, Photo # BW-102The Ferry Boats Columbia and Virginia, Photo # BW-106Willoughby Spit During COnstruction of I-64 April 03,1970, Photo # BW-133Freemason Baptist Church, now the Freemason Abbey, Photo # BW-114Ocean View Station, at the top of Granby Street, Photo # BW-115Norfolk Drug Store. Date, location and year unknown, Photo # BW-116Miller and Rhoads, Commercial Place, Photo # BW-118Chamberlin Hotel, Hampton Virginia, Photo # BW-119Adams Express Couriers, Photo # BW-120Memorial Day on Granby Street in 1932, Photo #123Memrose Theater, Photo # BW-124Norfolk Ford Plant Pier with Lake Ormoc, Photo # BW-125Ocean View Park Rebuilt and ready to open for season 1937, Photo # BW-126Ocean View after Flood, Photo # BW-130Railroad, exact location unknown circa 1880's, Photo # BW-171Railroads, Engine 611, Photo # BW-172Railroads, Engine 611, Photo # BW-174Railroads, exact location unknown, Photo # BW-175Railroads, exact location unknown, Photo # BW-176Streetcar in Norfolk, Photo # BW-177Ford Truck Assembly Line in 1946 with Norfolk Mayor Reed, Photo # BW-201Ford Assembly Line 1940, Photo # BW-203World War Two, Sailors loading ammo, Photo # BW-217Monticello Hotel with fire trucks frozen in place in 1918, Photo # BW-063The Hague, aerial photo year unknown, Photo # BW-066Torpedo Boats at the Norfolk Naval base, year unknown, Photo # BW-087Doumars Bar-B-Que and Cones, Photo # BW-090Granby Street at Night with Norva and Loews Theaters - Photo BW088Granby Theater Norfolk Virginia - Photo BW092Ocean View Roller Coaster 1978 The Rocket - Photo BW064Babe Ruth 1934 at Bain Field Norfolk - Photo BW100Ocean View Boardwalk July 4th - Photo BW085Cap Coleman Tattoo Parlor Norfolk - BW111Steamboat Virginia US MAIL Norfolk - Photo BW095VJ Day Victory Over Japan Day Norfolk Roxy Theater and The Hub Granby Street Norfolk - Photo BW055College Place at Granby Street Norfolk - Photo BW117Granby St near the Monticello Hotel - Photo BW101 Norfolk Sears Woolworth Esso Station - Photo BW110Doumar's World Famous Drive In - Photo BW072Ferris Wheel at Ocean View Amusement Park - Photo BW065Fire Station No 2 on Bute St 1922 - Photo BW211Tri City Motorcycle Club Norfolk - Photo BW096Hampton Roads Ferry to Norfolk - Photo BW105Harrison Pier Opening Day 1947 - Photo BW213Norva on Halloween Night - Photo BW082Ferry Norfolk Virginia - Photo BW108Loews State Theater Granby St - Photo BW056Main Street in 1910 Norfolk -  Photo BW070Main Street in front of the Monticello Hotel - Photo BW099 The Ferry's Columbia and Virginia - Photo BW105Monticello Hotel after the hurricane 1933 - Photo BW067 Nansemond Hotel Ocean View Norfolk - Photo BW074Norfolk Boat Club Freemason District - Photo BW087Norfolk County Ferry - Photo BW109Norfolk to Portsmouth Ferry Terminal - Photo BW083Beach and Chesapeake Bay at the Norfolk Navy YMCA Beach ClubCommercial Place Norfolk - Photo BW091Norfolk Ferry Terminal - Photo BW089Cap Coleman Tattoo - Photo BW094Cap Coleman in his tattoo parlor - Photo BW112Jackies on Parade Granby Street - Photo BW052President Kennedy at Granby High School - Photo BW215Norva Theater Norfolk's Granby St - Photo BW053Granby Street with the Norva Theater - Photo BW075Granby Street Norfolk - Photo BW076  Kiddie Train 1910 Ocean View Amusement Park - Photo BW071Ocean View Amusement Park aerial view - Photo BW061Ocean View Amusement Park from the Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk - Photo BW060Circus Parade on Granby Street Norfolk - Photo BW084Berkley Bridge Norfolk - Photo BW104Ocean View Amusement Park 1958 Dance Hall Fire - Photo BW069Ocean View during with the Chesapeake Bay frozen - Photo BW101Big Ben pulling fishing boats at Ocean View in 1944 - Photo BW212Norva Theater on Granby Street - Photo BW098Ocean View Trolley Terminal in 1928 - Photo BW077Planters Peanut Store Norfolk Virginia - Photo BW057Portsmouth Ferry on the Elizabeth River - Photo BW107Rices Department Store - Photo BW058Rices Department Store and NORVA Theater - Photo BW059Riverview Theater on North Granby Street - Photo BW051The Rocket at Ocean View Amusement Park - Photo BW054Roselle Theater Ocean View - Photo BW081Christ and St Lukes, Ghent - Photo BW068SS United States Norfolk 1980 - Photo BW079Church Street Barney's Market - Photo BW099Bousch Cold Storage on the Freemason Docks - Photo BW103Great Dismal Swamp - Chesapeake VA Photo BW133Wells Theater Norfolk Virginia - Photo BW073

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